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May 30, 2008

Digital Sports interview with Randy Trivers

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Syracuse runningbacks coach Randy Trivers.


Coach Trivers has always been one of the best people to interview because of the knowledged and wisdom he brings, but I can’t stand whoever the hell is interviewing him. I bet Coach Trivers wanted to choke slam him. You don’t interrupt Coach Trivers. Ever.


May 2, 2008

‘’ meets web blogging

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Greetings fans!

I have finally figured out this whole deal about RSS (real simple syndication)- this will enable myself to put fresh content on ‘’ without having to go through the write/align/spell check/publish order that I put myself through just to update A page.

Though I believe that this football website is years behind web blogging- I don’t remember seeing one from another team in MoCo just yet. So consider this innovative in some way.

Why wordpress? well, word on the web is it’s the best blog site out there! This is the facebook of all weblogs (I hope I’m right). Now I can share my rants and raves of Northwest football. The blogging format will make it easier to share news and information.

Some of you may be wondering, “Aren’t you already putting personal opinion-based content on” the answer is yes and no. Most of the time, I tell the news as it is… Northwest won. Northwest lost. Northwest dominated. Northwest got dominated. This blog will allow me to tell YOU that and more… I will say the hows, and the ‘this is why I think…’ etc. Sugar-coating not included, (ok sometimes).

“Wouldn’t a MySpace account be more practical?” – maybe. But we’re Northwest Jaguars Football… you dont see Barrack Obama with a MySpace account do you? (actually, I wont be surprised if he does).

Alas, the football season cannot get any closer. I can’t wait to get my Jim Rome-esque ranting started.


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